EFT Tapping For Divorce: How to Heal After A Separation

If you’ve read the about section on the website, you’ll probably know what led me to EFT in the first place. As someone who went through a divorce, I’ve had my fair share of breakdowns and multiple tapping sessions to heal. To this day, it’s still something that helps me in my day-to-day life. 

In this article, I will help you deal with your separation, whether fresh or repressed over the years, with this EFT tapping guide. 


Basic tapping script for divorce

What made EFT tapping for divorce an effective healing tool for me is the realization that I’ve been holding on to my negative emotions subconsciously. 

I had to let it go. 

And while it’s easy to simply rant to my friends and cry it all out, the only way to release them was through acceptance. It may sound counterintuitive but when you think about it, your greatest armor is peace of mind. 

What does holding on to these feelings, though subconsciously, accomplish? 

With EFT, I learned how to unpack my trauma. I laid out all my feelings in the open and waded through them, and I learned to accept myself in the process. 

That’s what makes tapping such a great option for healing. Unlike other treatments that pushes you to forget, EFT tapping for divorce pushes you to deal with the negative feelings. With the use of tapping scripts that start with “Even though…”, you are encouraged to accept your shortcomings and acknowledge the emotions you’ve tried so hard to repress. 

Being able to say them verbally makes them all the more real. So when saying your tapping script, I encourage you to be honest, to accept and to say out loud what you’re feeling even though it opens up the wounds.


Here are a few basic tapping scripts you can start with:

1) Even though I feel hurt and confused over what happened between and my husband/wife, I completely love and accept myself. 

2) Even though I am angry, and I don’t know if I can forgive him/her, I acknowledge my feelings and I truly and completely love and accept myself. 

3) Even though I am scared for my child’s future after all this, and I am unsure about where we go from here, I know deep down that I am trying my best to be the best parent I can be and I truly love and accept myself. 

Remember to continue being open and honest about your emotions as you go along the EFT tapping session. In the end, you’ll be awarded for your bravery, and your willingness to take the first step to heal yourself. 


Tapping with your children

My experiences during my divorce were just the tip of the iceberg. One thing that gave me the strength to face my grief, guilt, and anxiety head-on was the realization that my daughter was absorbing my negativity. 

That’s why I’ve always been an advocate of tapping with your children. While they may seem unaffected from the outside, guidance during such a vulnerable and tender age is a must. 

Introducing EFT to kids is a way to help them with feelings they may be repressing. Chances are, they’ve witnessed all the fights and with how perceptive they are, it’s something that can shape them growing up. They’re also not as vocal with their problems as compared to adults who can put emotions together to explain it clearly. Children will often feel their emotional stress translated physically. 

I have a more comprehensive guide here and I encourage you to read that. But as a brief overview, EFT tapping with kids will involve a lot of easing them into the practice. Open communication and having the patience to hearing them out is the key to a successful session. 

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