Tap Refresh: How to Restart Your Year

It’s a bit surprising that we’re halfway through the year already! I still vividly remember celebrating New Year with family and friends in my home town in England, and now we’ve just welcomed in July. Less than six months to go and we’re saying hello to 2020!

For some of you, July is a great way to restart your year. Maybe the past six months weren’t exactly how you thought your 2019 would go. You found it hard to stick to your resolutions and feel like you wasted the year away. 

I personally think that it’s never too late to live the life you’ve always dreamed of. As we welcome July, think of it as a fresh start to your year. Six months is still quite a long time for you to start achieving your goals. 

With that in mind, here are four simple ways for you to tap and refresh this 2019: 


1. Change your diet

We’re not aiming for weight loss here (unless that IS your goal). Instead, we’re taking a step back to study your eating patterns. The food you take in is your number one source of energy throughout the day. If you take in junk, you’d most likely release junk. Remember “You are what you eat”? 

Eat only when you’re hungry to lessen bingeing and be mindful of what you’re putting into your body. Go for real, home-cooked meals and skip on the fast food as you restart your year this July. Taking care of your body will help you feel more fulfilled, giving you an added boost in following through with your other goals. 

Also remember to not be too hard on yourself. EFT is all about loving, accepting, and forgiving ourselves. 


2. Take another look at your goals

Be honest. Have you been listing down the same resolution every year and not even taking a single step towards actually achieving that goal? Or maybe you’ve tried and failed multiple times but you continue to strive hard because you’re not a quitter? 

While perseverance is an admirable trait, there are things that simply may not be for you. Or at least, not at this time. Reflect on the things you’re trying to achieve and think, “Is this really important to me? Will I truly be happier and feel more fulfilled when I reach this goal?”


3. Mix up your routine

Like your diet, you may need to take a better look at how you schedule your day if you’re having a hard time feeling motivated. Maybe a particular task is draining you of your energy (You can also add EFT tapping to your day-to-day for a quick energy boost!).

Take note of your sleeping patterns and the way your to-do list impacts your emotional, mental and physical health as you try to restart your year. If you know deep down that this isn’t the way you’d like your day-to-day to look like, rearrange how you’d go about the next twenty-four hours and declutter the things, drop the habits, and cut ties with people that only drain you.   


4. Reflect on your “Why”

You may have started the year strong, writing down a long list of goals and pep-talked yourself to success.

But what’s your reason for all these? Why would you like to achieve those goals? What motivates you to continue striving? If you dropped your plans halfway through February, you may be lacking in purpose. Wanting a better year is not enough of a reason as it’s too broad. Everyone wants a better year. 

Look at your goals and beside it, write exactly what motivates you to achieve a particular goal. Maybe you’d like to lose weight because you’re tired of always having low self-confidence. Maybe you’d like to establish a business because you need additional income to support your family. 

Other than knowing your why, we can also do some EFT tapping to dig deeper and find out the cause of self sabotage. Maybe you do want to achieve all your goals and dreams, but your subconscious mind isn’t allowing this to happen because it’s trying to prevent you from success! 

With EFT, we can learn more about the negative beliefs that are holding us back from our true potential so we can live the life we truly deserve.


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