Boosting Your Energy with EFT Tapping

Ever had those moments when you know you have a lot to do but your energy and enthusiasm just isn’t catching up?

No matter how much you’re guilting yourself into getting out of bed to do something, it still feels like your whole body is glued to the bed and your brain just isn’t cooperating?

It’s quite a normal occurrence and believe me, we all have those days.  

While it’s a comfort to know that you’re not alone when experiencing this, that doesn’t mean you’ll just allow the whole day to waste away.

If you’re looking for a way to fight against the day’s low energy levels, continue to read on to know how to get through it.


What can possibly be draining you of your energy?

First off, you may be lacking sleep. Maybe you’re someone who’s always on the go and are working round-the-clock. If you’re exhausted all the time, those sleepless nights may finally be catching up to you.

Some experts also point to the food you eat as it can cause inactivity. Living a sedentary lifestyle can also contribute to a lack of energy.

Physically-straining work and how you treat your body sometimes aren’t the only reason.

If you dig deeper, there’s a possibility that something may also be bothering you. Maybe you recently went through a breakup or some other emotionally traumatic event, causing you to be so out of focus.

This boils down to stress. And when this is the case, releasing that strain and anxiety is the only way you can get your spark back.


EFT tapping and energy

Whether it’s because of your physical or emotional well-being, there’s a way around your low energy levels. When a cup of coffee just isn’t cutting it, trying EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique is a good start when dealing with those energy blocks.

Start the session by determining how exhausted you are. To give you something tangible you can measure, rate your emotions from 1 to 10. 10 being super exhausted.

Next, think about the parts of your life that may be causing this exhaustion. Sure, you may simply be feeling lazy to start on your work. But why? Is there a deeper reason? Think beyond what you’re currently experiencing and look back to the things that led you to this moment.

Is it because you don’t really want to deal with your boss because he causes your anxiety? Maybe you don’t really like what you’re doing and getting up to commute to the office just feels like a load of work in itself?

Or maybe you don’t want to start your day because you know you’ll have to deal with chores and you’re dreading facing the fact that you don’t get much help around the house?

There’s a reason behind your fatigues. It may not be as apparent now but this is exactly why focusing on the negative is a part of EFT’s process. Allowing yourself to just feel your emotions is the only way you can face it.


Going through the whole process

Once you’re in this mindset and you’ve already assigned a number to how low your energy level is, start tapping on your karate chop with your tapping script.

Your script should directly address your situation with your energy. If you’re at a loss on what to say, you can use one of these to start:


Even though I’m too tired, I choose to love and forgive my shortcomings and myself.

Even though my low energy levels are holding me back, I still choose to thank my body for supporting me in everything I do.

Even though I’m getting frustrated with my lack of energy, I believe in myself and my capability to motivate myself.


Tap through all the other points (read my easy EFT guide here to know the basics). At this point, allow yourself to feel what may be causing your low energy and to voice that out through your phrases.

Once you’re done, take a deep breath and imagine yourself releasing all those low and negative energies in your system as you exhale. Reflect and measure how you feel your energy level is now.

If you’re not satisfied and you feel as if you can still energize yourself more, go through another round, using your assigned energy level as a guide.

Whenever you have those times when simply getting out of bed is too much work, consider doing a quick EFT session. By dedicating a few minutes or so, maybe it’s all you need to jumpstart your day.


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