How To Add Tapping in Your Morning Routine

Mornings are a sign that you’ve been given a whole new 24 hours to live the most of your life.

That’s why it’s important to start your morning right. Forget about not being an early-bird-type of person. Forget about the fact that you need to rush to work immediately.

While all these are worth considering, the first hour of your day will most likely define how the succeeding hours will go.

It’s time to make some changes for a more meaningful day. In this article, I’ll give you some of the best morning activities you can try and show you how EFT tapping can be a great way to start the day.

Activities you can include in your morning routine

Eating breakfast, ironing your clothes and taking a bath are the non-negotiables. These are all needed before you head out.

However, there are still a few more things you can add to make your mornings more purposeful, ultimately setting you up for a productive and fulfilling day.


Morning pages

Before doing anything else for the day, start by scribbling down all your thoughts, writing three pages worth of your unfiltered thoughts and emotions longhand.

It doesn’t need to be a Shakespeare or a Hemingway. As long as you’re dumping down everything that’s on your brain, that’s enough. This helps you wade through turbulent thoughts and even inspire groundbreaking ideas.



If writing isn’t your cup of tea, you can try reflecting by meditating. Set aside a few minutes a day to just sit down and revel in the serenity of the first few hours of the day. This can help reduce stress and alleviate anxiety, which can cause a chain reaction through your physical, mental and emotional well-being.


Practicing gratitude

No matter how bad the past few days or weeks have been, there’s always something to be grateful for. Waking up to a new day is one good example.

Every morning, list three things you’re thankful for. This can help uplift your mood and allow you to rewire your mind into looking at the bright side of things.


Practicing EFT Tapping in the morning

Tapping is also something that you can add to your day-to-day morning routine.

At its core, EFT’s purpose is to facilitate healing and create more ease. It is a way to clear out any negativity in your thinking and body. This is why the setup statements often start with “Even though…” and ends with “I truly and deeply accept myself”.

When it comes to adding it in your mornings, there’s no single way to go with your EFT routine. You can definitely use it for different purposes. But believe me when I say that you will go about your day very differently when you add EFT into your morning routine.

To give you an idea, here are a few things that you can focus on as you go about your EFT routine:

  • Today’s to-do list

Big day today? Or you just simply need to deal with a huge workload? Setting aside a few minutes a day to practice EFT can help put things into perspective.

You can start learning which one you need to prioritize or which task that’s bugging you the most. Your setup statement can help with this as the first thing you focus on will most likely be the task you need to check off immediately.

A tapping statement you can start with:

Even though I need to finish this big presentation/report (be specific about the important details like the deadline and why you’re struggling with it), I know that I have the means and the willpower to conquer this task and I accept and believe in my capabilities.  


  • Clearing the mind

Maybe you’ve been dealing with a lot of things recently. Maybe you’re burned out or you have to deal with other personal problems that are taking over your whole well-being.

Pause for a second and start tapping deep into what bothers you.

A tapping statement you can start with:

Even though my mind is going crazy right now, and I don’t really know which problem to begin with, I accept my thoughts and my emotions and despite it all, I truly and deeply love myself.


  • Goal setting

This is a bit different from your to-do list. While your finishing your tasks are what makes your day productive, it’s also important to think about what makes your day meaningful to you.

Start setting your intentions for the day. While your to-do list is important, also think about what is that one thing that will allow you to end the day with a smile.

A tapping statement you can start with:

Even though I am overwhelmed with all the tasks that I need to finish today, working out makes me feel good about myself and I believe in my willpower to squeeze in an hour or two to focus on my physical and mental well-being.   


Whatever your purpose is for setting up a morning routine, it all boils down to the same benefit — setting the tone for the next 24 hours. Tapping is that one extra activity you can add for a more meaningful day.

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